The “she shed” is somewhat of a recent phenomenon, and many see it as an answer to the “man cave” that has taken over modern home life in the past few years. Men have built game rooms, home theaters, and other personal spaces where they can retreat with their buddies to play or watch what they want, so why shouldn’t the lady of the house have the same opportunity? At Better Built Barns, we love helping people create the perfect custom shed to meet their specific needs, so if you’re a woman with a vision, contact us today!

What Do You Envision?

Your hobbies are most likely unique than those of your husband or partner, and you want a space where you can work on the projects you want to, or do what you want to do. You might envision a shed where you can relax with a good book, or a spot where you and your friends can enjoy a nice glass of wine. You might enjoy working with your hands, and whether you’re working on something mechanical or you like making your own pottery, a custom-built shed can be the perfect space in which to do so. No matter what you see in your mind, we can provide the building that can make it happen.

Designing Your She Shed

One of the best things about our she sheds is that you can customize it with your desired options and accessories. If you’d like a loft for more storage space, we’ll include it in your custom plan. If you need a larger window so that there’s more natural light and airflow, we’ll make sure it’s built to your specifications. The options are endless!

If you’ve been thinking about adding a new shed to your backyard, and your intention is to use it as a personal space where you can pursue your interests, contact us today to get your quote.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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