1. A New Shed for All Those Holiday Gifts!

    At Better Built Barns, we know that the holiday season is more about giving than receiving, but it’s still nice to get those gifts that you’ve been thinking about all year. You may be someone who tends to put more practical gift ideas on your list, such as a new ladder or a new lawn mower. The o…Read More

  2. Protect Your Classic Car with a New Garage

    You worked hard and saved up for many, many years, and now you’ve finally been able to purchase that classic car you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s a vintage muscle car, a custom-built hot rod, or a restored convertible, you want to protect your new vehicle. Keeping it out of the wind and weat…Read More

  3. Build the Grandkids a New Playhouse

    November is nearly here, and you’ve probably already thought about what you’re going to buy everyone on your holiday gift list. If you’re a grandparent, you want to get your grandkids something special, and if they live nearby, you might be thinking about something they can use or play with wh…Read More

  4. Building Your Man Cave Shed

    The idea of the “man cave” isn’t a new one, but there have definitely been some interesting interpretations of the space throughout the last few years. Some men have turned their loft space into a game or entertainment room, while others have completely transformed their basement into a home t…Read More

  5. Storing Your Motorcycle and Other Rides

    If you’ve invested in a new motorcycle, jet ski, or ATV, you want to be sure that it’s protected from the elements. You might take your motorcycle out on the road a few times a week, and your other rides even less often, and when you’re not in the seat you need somewhere to store them. You may…Read More

  6. Have You Always Wanted a “She Shed”?

    Everyone has heard of the “man cave,” and this specific space in a house can range from anything to a small billiards room to a massive home theater area. The man in the house often decorates his “cave” with sports memorabilia, movie posters, and other items that he’s interested in, and he…Read More

  7. The Benefits of a New Custom Shed

    As a homeowner, you’re always looking for more storage. You have boxes of personal belongings that are taking up space in your garage or attic, or you have a riding lawnmower that has to be parked in the garage, meaning your car cannot. Building onto your home isn’t really an option, and you don…Read More