It may only be the middle of April, but you’re probably looking forward to the arrival of summer and the time you’ll get to spend outside enjoying nature during the warmer months of the year. You may have a favorite summertime hobby, or you might be looking to pick up a new one, but whatever the case may be, Better Built Barns in Washington is here to make sure this summer is one you’ll never forget. With one of our custom sheds, you can enjoy your favorite hobby more than ever!

Drone Photography

More and more people are discovering the fun that they can have with a drone, especially when using one to take photos or videos. There are plenty of beautiful spots in Washington state where you can take your drone and capture amazing footage, and then you can come back to your studio in your new shed and download the files to your computer. With insulated walls and the proper HVAC system, your new custom building can become a comfortable space where you can work on your drones and fine-tune your photography.

Painting Studio

Summer is a perfect time for plein air painting, when you can sit outside and capture a scene as the light and weather changes. However, there are days when you can’t be outdoors, but you still want to work on your paintings. Having a dedicated painting studio in your backyard can help you keep the creative juices flowing; plus, you’ll have the perfect space to store all of your artwork!

Restoring Antiques

Your summertime hobby may be going to garage and estate sales to see what treasures you can discover. You love finding an antique, bringing it home, and restoring it to its former beauty. Your new shed can function as a workshop where you restore chairs, tables, and other antiques that you can then sell for profit, or place in your home as a beautiful piece of decor.

Music Studio

If you play an instrument or you have an extensive vinyl collection, then your summer may consist of several hours playing or listening to music. Your home office or living room might not have enough space for your guitars, amps, and records, and keeping them in a new backyard shed can be an ideal option. You’ll want to be sure that the building is kept at the proper temperature and humidity level so that your instruments and vinyl are safe from damage.

Podcast Studio

You might not be a musician, but you might be interested in starting a new podcast this summer. You might have a certain interest in a subject, or you may want to interview local people about their interests or areas of expertise. Setting up a recording studio can be fairly easy, and having a separate space can make it easier to work in peace. You can also soundproof the studio so that the acoustics are perfect for recording sounds and voices.

No matter what your hobby is, a new custom shed can give you the space you need to enjoy it this summer. At Better Built Barns, we have a great selection to choose from, and we can help you pick the right option for your property. We have small, medium, and large building options, and we’ll gladly explain the benefits and features of each one. You can also choose from a number of upgrades and accessories for both the interior and exterior of your shed. You can add a workbench, tool racks, shelving, and much more!

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