Washington has a plethora a beautiful lakes and inlets were people can jetski, wakeboard, and tube, and if you love water sports, then you may have quite a bit of gear stacked up in your garage. You love getting out on the lake every summer, but storing everything for the fall and winter can become a bit frustrating, especially as you purchase more stuff each year. At Better Built Barns, we have custom shed options that are perfect for your property, and you can build one for all of your water sport gear, including your jetski!

Keep Your Garage Clear

Every fall, when you take the boat out of the water or park the jetskis for the season, you may try to fit as much as you can in the garage. Obviously the boat has be kept outside, but the tubes, lifejackets, and other accessories have to go somewhere so they’re out of the elements. You can keep some things in the boat, but everything else needs a safe storage spot.

With a custom-built shed, you can create the perfect spot for those items that take up too much space in your garage. You can keep everything organized and well-protected from the elements until you need it again in the spring and summer. Keeping it separate can also give you the opportunity to sort through everything and get rid of items you don’t need, such as life jackets that no longer fit.

Work On Your Jetski

If you like to tune up your jetski each spring, or you want to winterize it before the cold weather hits in the fall, then having a dedicated space can make a big difference. Instead of trying to work on it in the garage or out in the yard, you can roll it into your shed through the overhead door. You can have a spot for all your tools, and you’ll be able to easily move around the jetski to check the motor, the pump water intake, and everything else that needs upkeep.

Once you’re done working on your personal watercraft, you can store it inside until the warm weather returns and you can get back out on the water. This is a much better option than keeping it outside under a tarp or cover all winter long!

If you’re looking for a new custom shed where you can store your water sports gear and accessories, then contact Better Built Barns in Lakewood today. We’re proud to serve the state of Washington, and we’ve helped many homeowners find the perfect option for their backyard or acreage. We have a great catalog of products to choose from, and we’ll gladly explain the features and benefits of each one.

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