We’ve all heard about “she sheds” and “man caves,” and you may have thought about building one or the other. At Better Built Barns in Washington, we believe that everyone should have somewhere they can hang out, and what better place than your backyard? With a new custom shed, you can create the perfect summer hangout, and your yard will soon become the most popular spot in the neighborhood.

Set Up Your Grill

Summer is a great time for outdoor cooking, and if you have a grill that you love to use during the season, then your shed can be the perfect place to store it. If you build a shed with a porch or overhang, then you can set up the grill and cook your favorite summer foods, even when the weather isn’t the nicest. You can also store your bags of charcoal briquettes or your propane tanks in the shed, along with all of your grilling accessories.

If your shed is near to your backyard deck or patio, then you can create the perfect setup for grilling and entertaining. The area in front of the shed can be where all the food and drinks are for your barbecue, and people won’t have to go far to find a seat. You can also keep any smoke or flame from the grill away from the seating area.

A Space to Relax

With the kids on summer break and you taking some time off of work, everyone is looking for ways to relax. Your shed can serve as the perfect relaxation spot, no matter if you’re playing games or watching TV. Your structure can be designed to allow for air conditioning, making it the ideal choice on those hot summer days. If you have neighbors or friends over on a regular basis, then you can spend time in your “she shed” or create an alternative to the traditional man cave inside the house. You can design the perfect space where you can relax and unwind for a few hours.

Build Your Shed Today

Even though it’s already July, there’s plenty of summer left to be had. Once you’ve chosen a custom shed and your site is ready, our team can have the building up in as little as one day. We come prepared with all of the tools and supplies we need, and we work quickly and diligently to get your structure in place. While you may have to do some work after the shed is built, before you know it, your summer hangout spot will be ready to go.

Look through our online catalog today, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us right away. We’re located in Lakewood, and we’ve worked with customers all across Washington state. We’re committed to providing you with exceptional service, and we always bring our very best to each project. Above all, we want you to be satisfied with our process and the new shed that we’ve built for you!