Truck outside during winter

The number one reason to get storage of any kind is to have a safe place to keep your things. In winter weather, that’s especially important. While other seasons can have their own unique challenges, winter weather typically brings moisture and cold with it that affects most of the modern tools we use to a greater degree than hot, dry weather. 

As you might know, most metals and woods react badly to moisture. Over time they can break down completely. Other components, such as plastic and rubber, can crack and break due to constant freezing and refreezing. For these reasons, even in the mild winters of Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, it’s important that you store and protect your valuables. A new shed or garage from Better Built Barns is a great way to do that, and building them takes almost no time!

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4 More Reasons to Get Winter Storage

No More Cleaning Windshields — We’ve all had that moment, you get outside in a rush to work and then you realize that there’s a layer of ice over your car. Now you’re at least ten minutes later than you would have been otherwise. You may end up in such a rush that you forget things at home or spill your coffee on the way into work.

If you put your vehicle under cover, then you should be able to avoid the moisture build-up that makes this possible. With your own Better Built garage, you can get the protection you need to just start up and go. 

Protecting Outdoor Furniture and Features — The cost of outdoor additions to your home and landscape adds up fast, so don’t subject yourself to buying the same upgrades every year. There are a lot of things that fall under this umbrella, including patio umbrellas, chairs, tables, and cushions, grills and grillware, lawn games, lawn decorations, and solar lighting. That doesn’t even take into account all the other holiday additions that you might make to your lawn or home exterior throughout the year. With a Better Built shed or garage, you can keep all those valuable items safe for next year and keep your money in your pocket.

Let us build it CTAYou Went All Out on Decorations — Maybe you bought your first home earlier in the year and one thing you always looked forward to was being the house that goes all out for the holidays. Well now you are, and you have so many decorations to find something to do with. A Better Built shed or garage can help you solve that problem. We can even get you set up with a built-in organization system since all of our sheds are fully customizable. With a wide range of sizes available for our sheds and garages, you can find something that meets your winter storage needs fast.

You’ve Got Some Toys (And You’d Like To Keep It That Way)

Recreation and utility vehicles can get by for years on regular maintenance or need constant work, depending on how you take care of them. Just like cars, they’ll break down much quicker if you leave them sitting out in bad weather for an extended period of time. Unlike cars, they’re not enclosed, and many of their components aren’t as well reinforced. Windshields, seats, controls, and other critical components are all exposed to the elements on most recreation and utility vehicles. You can throw a tarp over them, but they’ll still be constantly exposed to moisture and freezing. The best way to protect your recreation and utility vehicles is to give them their own home to live in. Better Built Barns can get your vehicles under cover fast.

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It’s already November, so there’s no time to waste in preparing your storage for winter. Well, there might be, but that’s only because we do our job so fast! Once we have your design specifications and a date set for building, most of our builds only take a day. Even with our speedy turnaround time, we can customize your Better Built garage or shed to include space for modifications like plumbing and heating systems. What other reasons do you need? If you’re in Washington, Oregon, or Colorado, then get call or come in to get started towards a Better Built winter storage facility today!