Cluttered garage

Fall is right around the corner, and with it comes the start of seasonal outdoor activities and the end of others. After you’ve dragged everything from the summer back into your garage or basement and everything out for fall, you may be wondering if you can make this process a little easier. That’s where a custom built shed could come in handy.

With Better Built Barns, available in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, we can get you a new garage or shed built and delivered on-site so that you can store the items that you don’t use for much of the year. Our sheds, garages, and shops are designed to your exact specifications and constructed on-site, often within a day of arrival. We can help you get all that equipment out of the way and into a neatly organized space.

If you’re someone who’s self-sufficient around the home, a separate shed or garage is almost a necessity to save yourself some time and hassle. All those activities are going to add up, and in today’s post we will discuss a few that might taper off from the summer, a few that rev-up in the fall, and the storage needs that come with both.

Summer Activities That Can Fill Your Garage or Shed

Lawn Mowing and Landscaping — Depending on how hot it is, you may be mowing well into the fall, but when that first frost comes and the growth stops, you’re going to have to store some bulky items for up to six months. If you do all your own lawn care, that could mean a riding or push lawn mower, a weed eater, shrub trimmers, gas cans, certain lawn care products, and a host of other tools that could be stored best in a Better Built shed or garage.

Outdoor Get-Togethers — Again, you might make it a while into the fall, but at some point, it’s going to get cold, and likely more damp. While bonfires may still be an option, for the most part activities are going to start moving indoors. That means your current storage space could need to cover lawn furniture, cushions, grills, lawn ornaments, bird feeders, and a number of other things that can’t withstand the elements of late fall or early winter.

Boating — If you have a motorboat that’s not on the water, chances are it’s taking up at least half of your garage. If you love being on the water, there’s probably some bulky accessories you have to go along with the boat. Beyond your boat, gas cans, water skis and tubes, fishing equipment, and other accessories will need to be sheltered and dry to avoid damage.

Swimming — If you enjoy more of your water activities at home, you probably have a lot of upkeep responsibilities. Aside from taking out the covers and equipment you need to get the pool ready for winter, you’re going to have to properly store things like pool vacuums, hoses, skimmers, cleaning chemicals, and pool toys to make sure you don’t have to buy new ones next year.

Fall Activities That Can Fill Your Garage or Shed

Lawn Care —The growth of your lawn might stop at some point in the fall, but if you’re someone who likes a manicured lawn than your duties don’t stop there. Taking care of your lawn in the fall is critical to how your lawn will look in the spring and summer. If you’re a DIYer, all that raking, fertilizing, aerating, fall planting, and seed spreading is going to result in the need for a ton of storage. A custom-built shed or garage can give you a place to put it, and the organization you need to keep it tidy.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Decor — With Fall comes the beginning of the holiday season, and the likely cause of all those dusty totes that you already put all of your summer lawn care equipment in front of. Now you’ll have to pull all of that out of storage and rummage through it. We don’t have to tell you if your storage totes are getting out of hand, but Better Built Barns can give you the storage space you need to get it all organized.

Holiday Shopping and Family Time — Holiday storage comes in layers. On top of Christmas probably being the most decoration-heavy holiday, there’s all of your families presents to hide. If your kids are nosey, a locked shed should keep them from finding out anything they shouldn’t. Not to mention, if you’re the ones who bring the whole family together, it’s a great space for any of the spare furniture, bedding, cooking equipment or anything else you might need to host a large gathering.

Wood Storage — If you heat your home with wood, or you just like to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire, you’ll want to avoid storing wood in your home so as not to invite pests like termites and carpenter ants. Building out a shed or garage will give you the appropriate space that you need to store your wood. Whether you choose to build on a cement slab or use our heavy-duty flooring that’s treated to be termite and mold resistant, we can custom build something big enough for a winter’s worth of wood or just give you a safe space to store a few cords.

Sports — If you’re an outdoor family, chances are that someone is involved in sports, with all the extreme sports that the landscapes of Washington, Oregon, and Colorado provide for, you could fill up a large portion of your garage with just a few hobbies.

Deciding on Storage

Now are you convinced? Being self-sufficient, or having fun play things, is great and in many cases can save you money in the long run. To make sure things don’t get damaged or lost from season to season, proper storage is a must, and being able to easily get to everything might even spur you to make more use of it.

If you’ve decided you need a shed or garage for your storage needs, consider Better Built Barns. We’ll work with you to get the custom-built storage you want as fast as possible. Contact us today with any questions!