The holidays are almost here, and with them can come an influx of gifts and other items into your home. Between presents from friends and relatives to those items that you buy for yourself on Black Friday, you can end up with quite a bit of stuff in your house and garage. If several of those things are outdoor items such as a lawnmower or a leaf blower, then a custom shed can be the perfect storage option.

At Better Built Barns in Washington, we can help you build a brand new shed that will protect your new outdoor equipment. You can choose from our extensive catalog of options, and you can customize your structure with a number of options and accessories. Contact us today to get started!

You Won’t Need Those Things Until Spring

Fall can be the best time to buy a new lawnmower or leaf blower, since the landscaping season is nearly over. You may need the leaf blower for fall cleanup, but chances are you won’t be mowing again until spring. If you get some new lawn equipment as a gift, or you buy some for yourself on sale, then you’ll likely need to store it until the snow melts and warmer weather returns. With a new shed, you won’t have to take up valuable space in your garage that you need for your cars or your snowblower when the weather turns cold.

Outdoor Tools and Supplies

Your wish list every holiday season may be filled with tools and other supplies. You may have had your eye on a new circular saw or a new set of shovels that will come in handy during home remodeling or your next landscaping project. If you’re limited on space in the house to store saws, hammers, and the like, or you don’t have room in the garage for shovels, rakes, and other outdoor tools, then putting up a small shed can make a lot of sense. You’ll have a place to store everything, and the shed can double as a workshop when you’re building new cabinets or putting together new raised garden beds in the spring.

Find Your Custom Shed Today

As you’re preparing for the holidays and the inevitable arrival of new things, it’s good to keep in mind where you’ll store everything. If you’re already looking at Black Friday ads, or you’ve filled out your wish list for new lawn equipment or tools, then find your custom shed with Better Built Barns today. We can help you pick the building that fits your property the best, and we’ll walk you through the site preparation and installation steps. We’ll also let you know our lead time based on our schedule, and when you can expect your shed to be finished. We can usually put up a new structure in as little as one day, as long as the site is ready to go.

Contact us today to get started on your new shed project. When we’re done and you fill the backyard shed with your outdoor equipment, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!