Dreamy winter wood cabin

At Better Built Barns, there’s no end to the things you can do with our custom-built storage and living facilities. With the right specifications, we can design a building that fits all your needs, whether they be short or long term, practical or entertaining. We have the team and skills to have a structure put up on your property and prepared for however you plan to use it, in a snap.

When you choose your design and specifications for a custom-built barn, shed, garage, or living space, we cut and layout the design before it leaves our facility and set it up on-site. Even for the most extravagant designs, this should only take 1-2 business days. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s a great time to add extra storage space or room for entertaining. Here are just a few ideas of what you could do with one of our custom-built buildings this holiday season.

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Add Custom Storage Space

When Better Built Barns got started, our main focus was providing functional storage space in a timely manner, and providing our customers with a ready-built option that didn’t require noisy or time-consuming construction. While we’ve expanded our range since then, it’s still our bread and butter, and few times of the year make Americans rifle through storage like the next three months. Instead of repeatedly piling things on top of each other and then pulling them out less than a month later, consider a new garage or shed that can fit all of your storage and organizational needs.

House Guests

One of the innovations we’ve made since starting Better Built Barns is the move to building structures for a wide range of purposes. This may be best shown in our custom-built cottages and cabins, that can be made fully inhabitable. While we can’t install things like plumbing and electrical, we can make your space into one that can take all of this on, so you can host family in their own separate space at the holidays.

While we make cabins and cottages that can make great utility or in-law apartments, they can also offer you a small guest home for when company comes. Whether you want to pack the kids in there, give your adult children some privacy, or host the main event in one, our livable cabins and cottages open up a wide range of possibilities for your holiday celebrations.

Create a Holiday Nightmare, or Wonderland

One of the great things about having an extra space on your property is the ability to get some work done without making a mess inside your home. It’s the same when it comes to fun. Having your own custom-built garage, shed, or cottage gives you space to create a holiday atmosphere that could enchant you or haunt your dreams.

With our full-sized cottages, you can make the dead come to life with your own haunted house or build a winter wonderland. You can make a space for your kids to enjoy frightful fun, or create a cozy nook for your holiday guests that they won’t easily forget.

Get a Better Built Garage or Cabin This Holiday Season

If you’re planning to entertain extra guests this season, or you’re just being overrun with decorations, Better Built Barns can provide the best custom-built, ready-made structures on the market. If you’re in Washington, Oregon, or Colorado, submit your Better Built Barn order today!