Metalworking can be a very lucrative career, and for many people, their dream is to open their own fabrication shop. However, it’s often necessary for a person to apprentice at a local shop and get some experience before they strike out on their own. If you’ve paid your dues and you’re now at the point where you’re ready to open your own shop, then let Better Built Barns in Washington provide the perfect custom garage. You may not need a lot of space, and we can build the ideal structure for your new metal shop.

Room for All Your Equipment

Your dream garage has everything you need for welding, grinding, and finishing. There are racks along the wall for your metal stock, a space for your English wheel, and the workbench is in the perfect spot. You have dedicated power for your arc welder, and there’s a ventilation hood for the fumes that are created while you’re working.

If you’ve laid out the floor plan for your new garage or shop, then let us help you make it a reality. We have a number of designs to choose from, and you can add the options and accessories that will make your new building complete. If you need a rolling overhead door for those large metal projects, then you can add it to the design!

Make a Living Doing What You Love

The goal for many who open their own metal shop is to make a living doing what they love. You’ve worked for other people and other shops, but being your own boss is really what you want to do. Whether you’re a sculptor who works primarily in steel or aluminum, or you make more functional items such as custom car fenders, having your own garage to work out of can help you on your path to creating a career out of what once was perhaps only a hobby. Maybe you want to make some extra cash after retirement, and after working a 9-to-5 job for 40 years, you’re ready to set your own hours.

Get Started Today

Fall is nearly here, which is a great time to work indoors on your next metal project. If you just bought a new welder, or you have a large project in the works and you need a bigger workspace, then contact us today. We can help you choose the custom garage that you’ll love working in for years to come.

All of our buildings are erected on site, and for more information on our site preparation and garage installation requirements, visit our FAQ page. Our goal is always to have the building finished in one day, so that you can get started on moving things in and setting up your new shop. If you have other questions, then please feel free to contact us by calling our Lakewood location at (253) 537-3144, or by filling out the form below.

If your dream is to have your own metal shop, then we look forward to helping you make that dream a reality!

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