Oregon Made

The Brown family, based out of Oregon, fell on hard times before they started Better Built Barns in 1994. After years of owning a family farm, the Browns knew it was time to make a change.

The Browns had seen from their own experience that Americans had a need for well-built structures, constructed and installed quickly, that looked good without being necessarily permanent.

It started off with a simple storage shed that the Browns built in their own garage, with what little money they had left, filled with urgency and perhaps a bit of manifest destiny, the Browns took their shed to a local home show and things went well. Eventually, the Browns’ sheds were picked up by Lowes.

Building Quick

American grown and American made, the Browns are seeking to give their clients a chance to have an affordable and beautiful structure that serves a functional purpose.

As the business evolved in the last 25 years, we’ve started to build a wide range of products, including garages where other Americans might start their dream. These garages are a significant upgrade from the do-it-yourself and aluminum eyesores that Americans had been used to in the quick-build market.

With Better Built Barns’ line of garage options, fully customizable to the customer, you won’t be left figuring out Ikea-style directions, an eyesore, or a long construction process.

Our garages are built with your specific directions in mind, from height and colors to windows and doors. We understand that customers have their own particular style and taste and that any addition to your property should make it more appealing. The need for a functional space shouldn’t destroy the value of your property, and we intend to keep Oregon beautiful.

Better Built uses our own designs, specific to your needs, along with materials that are used in home construction. That means our products are built to last, and unlike some other quick-build garages, a faulty hinge or connecting rod won’t compromise the structure of your entire garage.

At Better Built Barns, we deliver a product that is sound and won’t cost you the hassle and headache of going through a general contractor. Construction typically takes about one day once on site, or can be delivered straight to your home if you go with a standard model. There’s no need to deal with a lengthy, loud process that might disturb you and neighbors.

Here For You

You don’t have to take our word for it though, because we have the word of our customers. Being that we sometimes deal with customers only once, it speaks to our reputation that we’re still going strong after 25 years. If our product didn’t carry itself, we wouldn’t be able to survive. However, if something does go wrong, we’ll be there for you when you need us.

“We had our shed built 6 years ago,” Catherine Kokoris said. “Just last week the vent broke, not sure how, but Better Built Barns honored their warranty and sent someone out to fix it within a week. Highly recommend this company!”

Even years down the road, Better Built Barns will be there for all your garage and storage needs. We know our customers are hard-working Americans who don’t need the extra hassle of a faulty structure and we’ll be right here in Salem, Oregon whenever you need us.