Summer is a great time for doing work around the house and finishing those projects that you’ve been putting off for a few months. If your children are of the age where they can help you complete some of those projects, then it can be nice to have a dedicated space where you can work alongside each other. Where perhaps they used to hold the tools while you worked, you can now get them involved in the building process.

At Better Built Barns in Oregon, we can help you find the perfect custom garage that you can use as your new workshop. If you’re building new shelves for the playroom, or new cabinets for the kitchen, then you’ll have the ideal workspace!

Getting the Kids Involved

If you usually send the kids outside so that you can get some work done in the house, you can use your new garage as a space where you teach them about tools and how to handle things properly in a workshop. You may have had a parent or grandparent who taught you how to work on cars or how to build a cabinet, and you can pass that knowledge onto your children. Getting the kids involved is a great way to spark their imagination and teach them skills that they’ll use later in life.

Keep the House Clutter Free

When you’re working on projects, especially with your kids, you might have to patient when it comes to the project’s progress. You may only make it so far before they get bored and want to do something else, or before they have to leave for another summer activity such as baseball or swimming lessons. You can always set things aside for later, but if you’re working in the basement or in the attached garage, then you could end up with lots of clutter and extra materials. Having a separate garage or shop will give you somewhere to store your projects until they’re finished, and you won’t have to worry about clutter getting in the way when you’re walking through the house or trying to park the car in the attached garage.

Growing with Your Kids

As your kids grow, they may want to do larger projects such as build a table or restore a classic car. Your current garage may not be big enough for these projects, and having another building on your property will give you the space for all the tools and materials that are required for such an undertaking. While you may be building birdhouses this summer, in a few years, you could be working alongside your son or daughter, rebuilding an engine and dropping it into their first automobile.

If you’re interested in ordering a custom garage, then please contact us today. We can help you choose the right style and layout for your property, and you can customize your building with several interior architectural and design options. If you have questions about the building process, then we’ll be more than happy to help.

We look forward to hearing from you!