While you might not be making toys in your workshop this winter, you do have projects that you want to get done before spring. If you’re creating custom-made gifts for friends or family members, or you need to get that old car running again, then let Better Built Barns in Oregon help you build the perfect garage. With our selection of garage options, you can have a heated workspace where you can tinker and construct anything you want!

No More Working in the Cold

When working on bigger projects, such as getting a car running, you may have to spend your time out in the driveway, enduring the cold. You have to wear gloves, which can hinder your ability to work with tools, but without them, your fingers would lose their feeling in a matter of minutes. You have to get the car working so that you can drive it to work, but you loathe the fact that you have to work in the driveway. With a new garage, you can drive the car inside and work in the warmth, staying out of the wind and cold.

A Place to Store Things

Regardless of how hard you may try, the garage eventually becomes a storage depot for certain things. You may buy things in bulk, such as paper towels or toilet paper, and it can make sense to store them in the garage rather than try to find a spot for them in the house. However, if you’re storing any antiques or electronics in the garage, it can be smart to make sure the space is heated. We can help you choose a garage that will be easy to add a heater to, so that whenever you go out there to retrieve something, you’ll be walking into a warm and comfortable space.

What Type of Heat is Best?

There are many ways that you can heat your new garage, and our team will gladly answer your questions regarding which system will be best, based on the building model that you choose. You can go with a large electric space heater, or install a system that runs on propane. You can also run a natural gas line from the house to the garage, but keep in mind that this could be the most expensive of your options. You’ll also want to be sure that you have the right amount of heat for your new workspace, so you want the system to be as efficient as possible.

Find Your New Garage Today

If you’re interested in building a custom garage this winter so that you have a warm place to work, park the car, or store some belongings, then contact us in Salem or Oregon City today. We can help you find the right garage for your property, and we can have your building up in as little as one day. Fill out the form below, or call us at (503) 390-2623 to speak to a member of our team.

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