1. Tips on Turning Your Shed Into A Relaxing Space

    Many people first buy a backyard shed to organize tools and store other miscellaneous items, but over time, it becomes a storage space holding a bunch of clutter and cobwebs. Rather than ignoring the shed (and its mess) until it’s time to move out of your home, consider converting your shed into a…Read More

  2. People planting in garden

    5 Spring Activities and Their Storage Needs

    Every spring, the world around your home blooms into life, and with it, we turn our faces to the sun as well. The early spring sun provides a rush and a near primal need for activity. Even if our activities aren’t so primal, the need to get out into nature, to engage in the beauty around you, and …Read More

  3. Creating the Perfect Playhouse for Your Kiddos

    Children are known for having an incredible imagination. When they have space to play and supplies to work with, it’s pretty amazing what they can come up with. If you’re wanting to create a space that is dedicated solely to your child’s creativity, a playhouse is the answer!  In today’s bl…Read More

  4. Alternative Parking Options When You Don’t Have a Garage

    A garage is something that most people will look for when buying a new house. This part of the home is designed to protect vehicles from the elements of Mother Nature. While so many do have a garage as a must-have for their home, there are still hundreds of homes that don’t offer a parking solutio…Read More

  5. The Perfect Place to Practice Your Craft: A Custom Shed

    When you have a craft that you like to dedicate plenty of time to, you need a space dedicated solely to that craft. Whether it’s playing guitar and jamming with a band, painting, pottery, or something of the sort, finding space within your house to do this is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, this…Read More

  6. Factors to Consider with a Custom Garage – Part 2

    Welcome back to the Better Built Barns blog. In our last blog post, we started talking about the various things that need to be considered when ordering a custom built garage. Ultimately, we talked about one of the most significant factors: size. This blog covered some of the most common uses of a g…Read More

  7. What to Consider When Ordering a Custom Garage

    A custom garage is designed with all of your needs in mind. Having something that is truly designed to cater to everything that you’re looking for is incredible, but it can also make the process of settling on certain details significantly more difficult. If you know that you are going to add a cu…Read More

  8. Ways to Minimize Clutter In Your House This Year

    With the new year starting, many people are looking for ways that they can work on minimizing the amount of clutter within their home. There are few things as frustrating as starting the year off with a house that is messy and full of junk, so we fully understand the need to tackle this project. Whe…Read More

  9. Truck outside during winter

    Get Storage Ready For Winter Fast

    The number one reason to get storage of any kind is to have a safe place to keep your things. In winter weather, that’s especially important. While other seasons can have their own unique challenges, winter weather typically brings moisture and cold with it that affects most of the modern tools we…Read More

  10. Dreamy winter wood cabin

    Holiday Options for Your Better Built Building

    At Better Built Barns, there’s no end to the things you can do with our custom-built storage and living facilities. With the right specifications, we can design a building that fits all your needs, whether they be short or long term, practical or entertaining. We have the team and skills to have a…Read More